Adam Neugebauer MS, Building Science Thermographer

Building Science Specialist

I first got into the building science field in 2007, where I quickly immersed myself in emerging efficiency measures in the single-family new construction market in the southwest, while also getting involved in the rulemaking process for the California Energy Code.

After a few years in the field, I went back to school to earn my Master’s in Building Technology at MIT, to better understand the scientific foundations of the industry. While there, I conducted materials research into a cutting-edge granulated aerogel thermal insulation system (which is why I get a little extra excited when aerogel insulation is considered for my projects). In 2014, my wife’s education brought us back to my home of the Pacific Northwest. Here, I began working as a building science consultant in the construction industry, with a focus on whole building air leakage testing. I joined 4EA Building Science (then JRS Engineering) in 2017, in part to be more involved in affordable housing construction projects. Working on these projects with dedicated teams to help support those that have been left behind during Seattle’s tech boom has been incredibly rewarding.

Outside of work I am (finally) developing a taste for IPAs while re-exploring the region and once again breathing in the local natural beauty. The views of Rainier during my daily commute never get old.

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