Whitney Thomas, Building Science Specialist

Whitney Thomas PE

Building Science Specialist

I transitioned into the building science industry at a turning point in my career. I was looking for a role that would fulfill my passion and curiosities in design/engineering while being able to stay connected to the on-site construction process. My role at 4EA Building Science is an excellent balance to realize this goal.

My educational background is in Architectural Engineering. I studied at University of Colorado Boulder, and within my degree I emphasized in construction management and structural engineering. After my time in Colorado, I moved out to the Pacific Northwest to work at a general contractor. That experience, working as a Project Engineer and then Assistant Superintendent has given me the ability to see the construction process holistically, and help design and construction teams brainstorm effective, and constructible solutions related to building enclosures. I truly appreciate and thrive on a collaborative and team-oriented approach with all the parties and clients we engage. This probably stems from my history participating in team sports like ice hockey.

At 4EA I’ve specialized in Building Envelope Commissioning and manage a variety of projects through design and construction. Building Science is a dynamic and constantly developing field, and I enjoy the challenge of always learning new things and sharing knowledge within our collaborative team. Outside of work, I enjoy backpacking and hiking, cycling, yoga, and just generally being outside!

Email Whitney at whitneyt@team4ea.com.