Jeff Speert

Jeff Speert AIA, LEED® AP

Principal & Office Director - Seattle

I happened upon building science at a transitional point in my career and life. With my first child on the way, I was looking for something that could satisfy my professional goals as an architect, along with my fascination with how things are built and my environmental concerns about limiting resource consumption of the built environment. After moving in that direction as a carpenter and intern architect on the East and West Coasts, in 2008 I found a fit at JRS Engineering in Seattle.

Now operating as 4EA Building Science, I have taken a keen interest in developing our air barrier testing service and promoting mass timber and off-site constructed elements. Our projects with workforce and affordable housing help satisfy my desires to build more equity within our society. Even my seemingly disparate undergraduate degree in Sociology and Master of Architecture are perfect fits for our work.

In my role as Principal and Office Director for 4EA, I create and encourage a collaborative and supportive team environment. We spend a lot of time together and should enjoy each other’s company—this also leads to elevating our work. As an architect, I see myself as a collaborator on aesthetic intent while guiding durability and efficiency of the building enclosure.

I love the variety in my workday. The range of project types, users, enclosure materials, and climates keeps things interesting, and I enjoy new challenges. When not working, I spend similar time with my family in the outdoors by biking, skiing, camping, and hiking.

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