Justin Unger P.Eng., C.E.M.

Building Science Specialist

I’ve always been captivated by the built environment and was drawn to building enclosures and energy performance of buildings as a way to lessen our impacts on the environment.

Throughout university, my studies focused on material selection, heat transfer, and systems-based approaches. I guess you could say I was interested in building science before I even knew what it was! In 2016, I moved to Vancouver from the interior to grow my career in building science. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work on a diverse range of projects, which has not only helped me understand the variety of ways to construct a building, but also how to support the teams we work with to achieve common goals. Starting my career as a building enclosure consultant, I primarily worked on complex concrete new construction projects. As time went by, my interest in holistic design, and the thermal and energy performance of buildings grew. This led me to pursue energy modelling and an integrated approach to building enclosure design.

I lead our energy and sustainability services at 4EA. Having a background in mechanical engineering and building enclosure consulting allows me to have more thoughtful and practical conversations with clients when discussing energy performance or reducing embodied carbon. I enjoy the design process and collaborating with our clients – fitting all the pieces together and helping clients through challenging designs provides me with fulfillment. When not in the office, I spend my time rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and exploring BC’s backyard

Email Justin at justinu@team4ea.com.