As a full-service design consultancy, we cater to the development of new buildings as well as the rehabilitation of existing buildings.

Enclosure Design

We can empower your team to design an enclosure that meets your project goals.

Construction Administration

We commission the installation of the building enclosure and help trouble shoot along the way.

Rehabilitation and Restoration

We can help bring new life to what already exists.

Enclosure Assessments

We empower building owners to understand their building enclosure and make informed decisions.

Enclosure Field Testing

We can test your enclosure for air and water tightness and help with diagnostics.

Passive House Services

In addition to enclosure consulting services for passive house, we provide certified passive house consulting and passive house verification.

Facade Engineering

We can help you create an elegant, high-performance facade system.

Energy Code Compliance

We can help deliver energy code compliance documentation for your project.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

We perform enhanced commissioning of the building envelope for LEED points.

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Featured Projects

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Formerly JRS Engineering LLC, 4EA has been at the forefront of providing quality, value-conscious building science solutions since 2005. We work with architects, owners, and contractors to deliver high-performance buildings that deliver improved durability, energy performance and value.

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