Loom House (photo by Kevin Scott)

Loom House

  • Bainbridge Island, Washington

Completed: 2019

This northwest modern home on the east-facing coast of Bainbridge Island is the first single-family remodel in the world to meet stringent Living Building Institute standards. While the main structure was retained, windows, cladding, and roofing were all replaced and a photovoltaic system was added to the roof.

The design team’s goal was to retain the charm and material richness of the two existing structures while bringing them beyond current standards for energy efficiency and carbon footprint. 4EA was able to Be Thoughtful by solving unique and intricate air sealing requirements that, while invisible in the finished product, are very effective in the performance of the finished product.

The project required considerate respect for the 1960s northwest modern residence so that wood-framed curtain wall windows, added insulation, and air sealing were all seamless with the existing richness of spaces and materials.


Main photo © Kevin Scott. Renderings © Miller Hull Partnership.

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