Brad Carmichael

Brad Carmichael PE, Assoc. AIA, CPHC®


Building science was a natural fit for me, even before I knew it was a thing. I was obsessed with LEGOs as a kid. I have always loved trying to better understand how and why things work and how to improve them.

After finishing my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia in the mid-2000s, I sought a career path in Vancouver that would allow me to work toward the betterment of the local region. At the time, building enclosures in the area were failing prematurely during what has been called the “leaky condo crisis”. They needed not only repairs, but better design solutions. I joined JRS Engineering in Vancouver to begin my career in building science and help tackle this challenge head on.

I later spent nearly a decade in and around New York City consulting on all sorts of amazing and challenging building enclosures. I relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2015, where I have been a leader of 4EA’s (then JRS Engineering) Seattle office ever since.

Seattle is my home now, and my family and I love it here. I am lucky to be part of a design community delivering high performing buildings that help improve both the social and environmental fabric of our region. Good design can provide a built environment that is low consumption and long lasting for everyone, and that continues to be something I am fiercely passionate about.

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