Scott Croasdale

Scott Croasdale M.Eng., P.Eng., PE

Principal & Office Director - Vancouver

After graduating in the early 90s, I spent time working in a variety of industries and satisfying my thirst for adventure through traveling. I entered the world of building science consulting in 1999, where I mainly focused on assessing and repairing water-damaged building enclosures. Repairs quickly focused on improving the enclosure performance and, for most projects, modernizing the aesthetics.

In the mid 2000s, JRS Engineering began leveraging our knowledge of failures to help architects, contractors, and developers avoid costly mistakes while providing more durable and higher performing enclosures. Understanding the economic and social impacts of failures helped me gain a valuable perspective of what can be lost over time.

In 2005 I led the opening of JRS’s Seattle office to bring our existing enclosure design and construction knowledge to the Seattle region. I have since split my time between both the Vancouver and Seattle offices, contributing this knowledge to each region. I am currently involved in a variety of projects, from single-family homes to high-rise buildings, and provide both general and specialist enclosure advice. I am particularly satisfied with working on high performance, wood-framed multi-family buildings. Many of my current projects target Steps 3 and 4 of British Columbia’s Energy Step Code, a voluntary standard that seeks to exceed the province’s base building code.

I enjoy supporting the entire project team and get immense satisfaction from projects that deliver quality and value to our clients.

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