AIA Seattle 2022 Honor Awards

4EA Building Science is proud of its contribution to these projects which have won awards at AIA Seattle 2022 Honor Awards! Part of 4EA’s approach is to find sustainable solutions for buildings that suit their use while limiting costs during and after construction. In the cases of Bush School and Ballard Food Bank, you can see how operational costs were reduced through energy conservation and thoughtful planning.

As always, we are proud to collaborate with many architects, engineers, and builders with the hopes to have a positive impact on the built environment. While working in a field that can have direct impacts on community and the environment is rewarding enough, we are deeply humbled by the recognition that these projects have received for their part in realizing our collective vision for a better future.


Photo Credit Lara Swimmer

Bush School – Award of Honor, Energy in Design Award

Architect: Mithun | Contractor: Exxel Pacific

Project Points: PHIUS+ Certification, Net Zero Targeted, Mass Timber

“A building that inserts itself into a tight urban campus site adjacent to the school’s original facility, historic Gracemont Hall. This symbiotic connection creates a unique narrative between generations of learning spaces built a century apart that are woven into a common educational alignment. Most importantly for the jury, it defines a new visible edge of the campus to inspire broader change in the community. . . . The jury also greatly appreciated the use of extensive passive strategies to reduce the load on renewable energy sources.”

Mithun, AIA Seattle 2022 Honor Awards

Photo Credit Lara Swimmer

Ballard Food Bank – Award of Merit

Architect: Graham Baba Architects | Contractor: Wilcox Construction Inc.

“The building form takes it cues from the program elements, with a larger industrial shed-like form housing the Market and warehouse; and a smaller, more residentially scaled sloped roof form creating a welcoming entry and housing the Kitchen, HUB and offices. The project restored a formally abandoned brownfield site. A newly built streetscape, gardens, urban agriculture beds, and seating areas surround the new building. A sustainability strategy was crafted around reducing operational costs for the food bank and creating a healthier environment for the unique community it serves.”

Graham Baba Architects, AIA Seattle 2022 Honor Awards

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