Joyce Mak M. Eng, EIT


My enthusiasm for fenestration systems and high-rise building enclosures originated from growing up in Hong Kong. Trained as a civil engineer specializing in building science, I am particularly interested in how building components’ interaction with the environment impacts design choices.

In my role as project manager at 4EA, I act as the bridge between clients and the design team. I work alongside architects and collaborators during the schematic design and design development phases to determine project needs and requirements, then translate them into technical specifications and drawings. When further analysis is required, I run thermal and hygrothermal simulations using a variety of programs, including THERM, HEAT3, and WUFI. I also assist in construction administration to ensure that designs are executed. This includes performing regular field reviews and shop drawing reviews, attending construction mock-ups, and conducting window and whole building air barrier testing.

Outside of scaling high-rise buildings for analysis purposes, I enjoy practicing yoga and aerial arts. Viewing the built world suspended from silks or a hoop offers a unique and exciting perspective.