Building Enclosure

Rehabilitation and Restoration

We can help bring new life to what already exists.

Enclosure Rehabilitation

We are experts in the design and contract administration of enclosure repairs and renewals. From podium deck waterproofing to roof replacements, 4EA has been assisting owners through the process for over 20 years.

Architectural Design Services

Repairs and replacement of major components provide building owners with the opportunity to update the look of their building. Whether it’s new decks or a complete siding and window replacement, our architects will assist by providing renderings to help make decisions or working with the local authority to obtain permits.

Contract Documents

A detailed set of drawings that includes plans, elevations, assemblies, and details is used to create permit applications. Specifications are added for bidding and for administering the contract. We typically include both front and back end specifications, as well as a standard-form contract.

Design Peer Review

4EA often partners with architectural firms to provide peer review for building rehabilitations. In this role, we provide advice the architect through design reports and drawing markups.

Historic Buildings

Old buildings truly are treasures, and we love them. Good building science is about creating a long-lasting built environment, and an essential part of that is helping to maintain and extend the life of our historic building stock.

The 4EA team has extensive experience working on a variety of historic and landmark building enclosures throughout North America. Our work has included assessment, stabilization, repair, rehabilitation, and restoration of historic masonry, roofing, waterproofing, and windows.

Whether it’s chasing a leak or developing a major rehabilitation program, we work with our clients to help assess, design, and execute a rehabilitation strategy for each building.

Our other services

Enclosure Design

We can empower your team to design an enclosure that meets your project goals.

Construction Administration

We commission the installation of the building enclosure and help trouble shoot along the way.

Enclosure Assessments

We empower building owners to understand their building enclosure and make informed decisions.

Enclosure Field Testing

We can test your enclosure for air and water tightness and help with diagnostics.

Passive House Services

We offer an array of passive house services, including consultation, rating, and verification.

Facade Engineering

We can help you create an elegant, high-performance facade system.

Energy Code Compliance

We can help deliver energy code compliance documentation for your project.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

We perform enhanced commissioning of the building enclosure for LEED points.

Curtain Wall Consultation

We can design an enclosure for your project or assist your architect with their design.