Facade Engineering

We can help you create an elegant, high-performance facade system.

Facade Engineering is the application of science to the facade system to respond to aesthetic, environmental, and structural goals. At 4EA we help our clients create efficient, high-performance, and elegant facade systems in several ways: structural engineering, thermal and hygrothermal modeling, and unitized Facade Consultation (Curtain Wall Consultation).

Structural Engineering for Glazing and Cladding Systems

Our team of enclosure consultants is composed of several licensed professional engineers who specialize in the structural design and analysis of facade components, including cladding systems, windows, window wall, and curtain wall.

Our variety of services include:

  • Structural Design Review
  • Preparation of Calculation and Shop Drawing Submittal Packages
  • Field Verification and Review

Thermal and Hygrothermal Modeling and Analysis

Whether it’s a detail, assembly, or whole building, 4EA can help find design solutions related to thermal conductivity, heat transfer, thermal bridges, condensation, and moisture risk through the use of Thermal and Hygrothermal Modeling.

Specialty Curtain Wall and Panelized Facade Consultation

Unitized curtain wall systems and pre-assembled panelized facades often need specialty design assistance during procurement and through installation. Our team has worked on many custom unitized curtain wall projects and are happy to help.

Some of the specialty services we provide include:

  • Structural Feasibility Review
  • Structural Design Review
  • Specification Assistance
  • Laboratory Performance Mock-Up Witnessing
  • Manufacturing Plant Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program Review
  • Manufacturing Plant Quality Assurance & Quality Control In-Person Assessment

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Our other services

Deep Energy Retrofits

Specializing in a range of architectural and engineering fields, we are well equipped to guide you from start to finish.

Embodied Carbon

Whether you want to decarbonize the built environment, or just know where you stand, 4EA can help.

Passive House Services

We offer an array of passive house services, including consultation, rating, and verification.

Enclosure Design

We can empower your team to design an enclosure that meets your project goals.

Curtain Wall Consultation

We can design an enclosure for your project or assist your architect with their design.

Energy Performance

We offer energy modelling and assessment services for your new or existing project.

Enclosure Field Testing

We can test your enclosure for air and water tightness and help with diagnostics.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

We perform enhanced commissioning of the building enclosure for LEED points.

Construction Administration

We commission the installation of the building enclosure and help trouble shoot along the way.

Rehabilitation and Restoration

We can help bring new life to what already exists.

Enclosure Assessments

We empower building owners to understand their building enclosure and make informed decisions.