Energy Performance

We offer energy modelling and assessment services for your new or existing project.

Energy Performance

Through sophisticated data analysis and simulations, energy modeling can provide valuable insights into energy consumption. By understanding how and when energy is utilized, organizations can optimize their designs to reduce energy consumption, minimize over-designed systems, and reduce our collective carbon impact. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions on your next project. 4EA can help by offering:

  • Code compliance energy modelling for municipal, provincial, and state codes across Canada, Washington State, and California.
  • Overheating analysis for the City of Vancouver and British Columbia projects.
  • Net Zero, LEED, BuiltGreen, CaGBC Zero Carbon Buildings, and other building certifications.
  • Incentive programs such as CleanBC Commercial New Construction Program, Fortis Commercial New Construction Performance Program, and others.
  • Building energy and retrofit assessments.
  • Energy cost optimization for building enclosure systems.
  • Thermal performance calculations, including thermal bridging calculations (British Columbia), UA Calculations (Washington), and Comcheck.
  • 2D Thermal modelling, hydrothermal modelling, and condensation analysis.
  • Washington State Clean Building Performance Standard Compliance

Our other services

Deep Energy Retrofits

Specializing in a range of architectural and engineering fields, we are well equipped to guide you from start to finish.

Embodied Carbon

Whether you want to decarbonize the built environment, or just know where you stand, 4EA can help.

Passive House Services

We offer an array of passive house services, including consultation, rating, and verification.

Enclosure Design

We can empower your team to design an enclosure that meets your project goals.

Curtain Wall Consultation

We can design an enclosure for your project or assist your architect with their design.

Facade Engineering

We can help you create an elegant, high-performance facade system.

Enclosure Field Testing

We can test your enclosure for air and water tightness and help with diagnostics.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

We perform enhanced commissioning of the building enclosure for LEED points.

Construction Administration

We commission the installation of the building enclosure and help trouble shoot along the way.

Rehabilitation and Restoration

We can help bring new life to what already exists.

Enclosure Assessments

We empower building owners to understand their building enclosure and make informed decisions.