Construction Administration

We commission the installation of the building enclosure and help troubleshoot along the way.

We routinely take an active role in the construction phase of a project. Our goal during construction is to help the construction team understand the design intent for the building enclosure, document the course of construction, and troubleshoot unforeseen challenges in the field.

The loftiest project goal is meaningless if it cannot be built. So, our Approach is to be thoughtful and practical during construction.

Our involvement in the construction phase usually includes the following:

For projects with Unitized Facades (Curtain Wall, Window Wall, and Prefabricated Walls), see our Facade Engineering Services.

For Field Testing, see our Testing Services.

Field Observation

Our goal when spending time on site during construction is to document work that has been completed in accordance with the project drawings and specifications. This service is valuable to owners because it can be used for record purposes.

Of course, construction is never without its hiccups. When we observe a problem in the field, we use our understanding of the project goals, materials, and the way things are built to Find A Solution.

We track our field observations with distributed reports and action logs the builder can use to correct mistakes and the ownership team can use to verify and document that mistakes have been corrected.

Pre-Construction Meetings

We actively engage in pre-construction meetings before installation of major building enclosure systems and components. These meetings are an important point in construction because they allow the design team to hand off the design intent to the layman who will execute the design.

Sometimes the layman (who brings his or her own perspective) will offer suggestions and innovations to the owner that improve constructability and value. These suggestions can be discussed with the team during these pre-construction meetings. The meetings can also be an opportunity for the construction team to highlight conditions in the field that don’t match the design assumptions.

Submittal Reviews

4EA reviews product submittals to help validate that the products and systems meet the design intent. Submittals include material submittals for components (such as roofing and waterproofing), as well as shop drawings for delegated design items (such as fenestration, curtain wall, window wall, and storefront systems).

Requests for Information (RFI) Consultation

We take an active role in reviewing and responding to contractor and sub-contractor questions. Our role in responding to RFIs is to help the construction team navigate unforeseen conditions in the field to maintain the design intent for the enclosure.

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