We perform enhanced commissioning of the building enclosure (BECx) for LEED V4 Credits.

LEED V4 Fundamental Enclosure Commissioning (LEED V4 Prerequisite)

Since fundamental commissioning is required on all LEED V4 projects, our core design services are already geared toward helping each project team achieve the fundamental prerequisites for enclosure commissioning. This includes assistance developing and reviewing a set of Owner Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design (BoD) Documents. As part of the design team, we’ve got you covered!

LEED V4 Enhanced Commissioning Credits (2 Points)

Should your project elect to pursue the Enhanced Commissioning credits for Building Enclosure Commissioning, 4EA is capable of performing the additional work needed to help your team achieve those points. Much of the effort is already accounted for in our core set of design and construction services, but to achieve these points there are a few extra services related to system manuals, maintenance documentation, training, and post-occupancy review that we’ll need to coordinate in order to achieve these points. Just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Our other services

Enclosure Design

We can empower your team to design an enclosure that meets your project goals.

Construction Administration

We commission the installation of the building enclosure and help trouble shoot along the way.

Rehabilitation and Restoration

We can help bring new life to what already exists.

Enclosure Assessments

We empower building owners to understand their building enclosure and make informed decisions.

Enclosure Field Testing

We can test your enclosure for air and water tightness and help with diagnostics.

Passive House Services

We offer an array of passive house services, including consultation, rating, and verification.

Facade Engineering

We can help you create an elegant, high-performance facade system.

Energy Code Compliance

We can help deliver energy code compliance documentation for your project.

Curtain Wall Consultation

We can design an enclosure for your project or assist your architect with their design.