Teanaway Ranch

  • Cle Elum, Washington

Completed: 2020

Nestled in Cle Elum, Washington, the Teanaway project is a remote residence featuring two buildings and scenic views. 

For this project, the main house includes a pool, workout room, and storage space on the lowest floor, which is partially below grade. The upper floor has large covered porches over the swimming pool, a small deck on the north side, and an additional balcony. The pitched roof includes a reverse dormer and skylights. The bunkhouse is a separate one-story structure, slightly built into the hillside, with a deck on the north side.

4EA collaborated with the design team to develop the building envelope design approach. We reviewed construction documents prepared by the architect for consistency with the design approach. We collaborated with the architect to harmonize aesthetic intent and enclosure performance goals set by the owner.

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Photo © RHO Architects

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