One88 Building Crown
188 Bellevue Skylights

One88 Bellevue

  • Bellevue, Washington

Completed: 2020

One88 Bellevue represents our client’s entry into the competitive Bellevue market. Needless to say, design excellence was our collective goal.

4EA collaborated with the project team to deliver a high performance enclosure system. With a crystal-inspired silhouette, the design includes a facade that extends gracefully past the building lid to form a crown. Landscaped amenity decks and partially enclosed balconies complete the look.

This design aesthetic resulted in a complex building shape, presenting 4EA with some unique design challenges. In response, our approach was to Simplify It.

Building enclosures benefit from simplicity. With this in mind, we concealed a simpler enclosure form into the silhouette of the building. We also reduced the number of enclosure systems on the project, further simplifying the construction by allowing the construction team to reduce the number of trades. In doing this, the team successfully delivered the complex look while also delivering a high-performance enclosure that was practical to build.

  • High-Rise Apartments