Overhead view, Inspire Apartments, Seattle, Washington

Inspire Apartments

  • Seattle, Washington

Completed: 2018

Situated on a triangular site in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, this new five-story apartment is the first multi-family project to meet the City of Seattle’s Living Building Pilot Program requirements. Project goals helped earn it the distinction of being Seattle’s first carbon-positive multi-family building. This project has achieved Petal Certification in Energy from the Living Building Institute. Each floor is equipped with two high-efficiency ventilation and heat recovery units that continually filter the interior air and pump fresh air into the building.

4EA provided design and construction phase consulting, including enclosure testing. We collaborated with Public47 Architects and Shilshole Development to Simplify what was a deceptively complex section at the grade and below-grade levels. 4EA also assisted in simplifying the challenges that come with curved clad walls and window areas. The project benefited greatly from the cooperation of the design and construction teams.


Photos © Nolan Green.

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