Cascade House

  • Mercer Island, WA

in construction

The Cascade House is a new, three-story private residence with a detached garage on a sloped site of Lake Washington’s shoreline. The project has a ILFI certification goal of net-zero energy consumption and net-zero carbon.  The first two stories of the new residence will be located near the water. The third story will extend West toward the existing parking pad and connect to it with a covered elevated walkway. A central exterior stairway will connect the upper parking pad to the waterfront. An outdoor shed and dog run area are also planned.

The Cascade House enclosure includes an occupied roof deck with a vegetated roof and photovoltaic panels. Cladding materials will be wood installed on a rainscreen with the north wall of the building being dominated by a glazed timber curtain wall. The building integrates with the sloping site to create numerous unique waterproofing conditions.

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