1001 Office Towers

  • Bellevue, Washington

Completion: 2021

These two twin Class A high-rise office towers located in downtown Bellevue are custom built for the tenant and pursuing LEED Gold Certification. They boast an elegant-yet-efficient design.

This project is a great example of a high rise office complex moving away from an all-glass façade, incorporating opaque wall elements with faceted metal panels and precast concrete – allowing for greater levels of insulation and thermal efficiency. Rather than adding scaffolding or hanging steel stud framing, the façades use these large format precast concrete as well as faceted metal panels mounted to an insulated curtain wall chassis as a back up wall as a means of installing with limited need for access to the building exterior. The panelizing of the façade systems helps Simplify It and provide for seamless installation and a fast construction schedule.

The incorporation of open air balconies into a steel framed commercial high-rise building is a unique feature that required careful coordination and attention to detail, especially since the project is pursuing a high level of airtightness.

As the enclosure consultant and Building Enclosure Commissioning Agent (BECx), 4EA worked closely with LMN and the project stakeholders on the design, testing, fabrication, and installation of the façade and overall enclosure. This included custom laboratory performance mock-ups, quality assurance visits to the curtain wall plants, as well as onsite review and performance testing. This helps deliver confidence that the enclosure is well constructed and performs as intended.

Anticipated completion is near the end of 2021.


  • Commercial
  • High-Rise