(re)Introducing 4EA Vancouver!

In a big step for 4EA Building Science, we have officially opened an office in Burnaby, BC! We are excited to announce that we offer building enclosure and energy consulting services to British Columbia.

Our U.S. practice began in Seattle in 2005 under the name JRS Engineering, a division of JRS Engineering in Canada. The two firms separated in 2021, with the U.S. practice rebranding as 4EA Building Science and adding an office in Oakland. More recently, 4EA re-entered the Vancouver, BC market led by former senior members of JRS Engineering in Vancouver and supported by the 4EA team.

You can expect the same level of attention to detail and consideration of needs, knowing that our team will take the extra steps needed for project success. We look forward to continuing to serve clients in Vancouver as a trusted partner in helping achieve enclosure performance goals.

4EA’s Vancouver Team

Scott Croasdale, M.Eng, P.Eng, PE
Principal, Office Director

Scott is a Principal at 4EA and was instrumental in opening the Seattle office in the early 2000s. He regularly works on both U.S. and Canadian projects, leveraging lessons learned to benefit projects on both sides of the border.

After graduating in the early 90s, Scott spent time working in a variety of industries and satisfying his thirst for adventure through traveling. He entered the world of building science consulting in 1999, where he mainly focused on assessing and repairing water-damaged building enclosures. This led to applying lessons learned to the construction of new buildings. 

Scott works on all project types for both new and existing buildings. He is a generalist with a focus on thermal performance of walls, structural attachment of cladding, metal roof design in snow country, air barriers, and both focused and general investigations of building enclosures.

Email Scott at scottc@team4ea.com.

Justin Unger, P.Eng. B.ASc.
Building Science Specialist

Justin is passionate about holistic building design and the role it plays in project success. At 4EA, Justin is responsible for leading our building performance services including energy and thermal modelling.

Starting his career as an enclosure consultant, he has a strong understanding of how enclosure products and construction techniques impact project performance and feasibility.

Justin has consulted on a variety of projects from the design phase all the way through to field reviews. His project experience includes new constructions, hospitals, and energy evaluations for solar and district energy systems. He brings value to the team by identifying conflicts between the enclosure and energy providing comprehensive solutions to meet multidisciplinary criteria.

Email Justin at justinu@team4ea.com.


We focus on Everything Around Your Building. This includes the full scope of the building enclosure, including:

  • Below and at-grade waterproofing
  • Roofing assemblies
  • Fenestration systems
  • Air barrier systems
  • Cladding design including structural attachment
  • Thermal performance of details, assemblies, and whole building

Services Offered

  • Enclosure Design & Assessments
  • Construction Administration
  • Rehabilitation and Restoration
  • Pre-purchase Due Diligence
  • Enclosure Field Testing & Field Reviews
    • Whole Building Air Barrier Testing
    • Window testing for air and water leakage
    • Infrared Thermography
    • Smoke testing
    • Membrane adhesion testing
  • Sustainability
    • Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment (WBLCA) of building enclosure and structural components
    • Climate resiliency planning and consultation.
  • Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)
  • Façade Engineering
  • Whole Building Performance Modelling
    • BC Energy Step Code for Part 3 & 9 buildings
    • Thermal bridging analysis and component thermal modelling
    • C407 Total Building Performance Energy Modelling (Washington + Seattle)
    • Title 24 Energy Modelling (California)
    • Deep energy retrofits
    • Future climate energy modelling
    • Energy and building enclosure component value engineering
    • Energy efficiency studies for grants and subsidies
    • LEED compliance modelling

Thank you for reading! If you’re looking for more, check out some projects the Vancouver team worked on such as 1330 Cloudburst, Park Boulvard, and SEAandSKY Townhomes.

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