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4EA is proud to sponsor MOD X EDU 2021

As part of our goal to help create a positive impact on the built environment, 4EA is a proud sponsor of MOD X EDU 2021. This year’s multi-session series is an expansion of the 2020 MOD X Northwest Exchange, which focused on the offsite modular industry within the Pacific Northwest.

The 2021 series is split into four interactive, two-hour virtual courses to be held throughout April:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Offsite and Modular Housing (April 7)
  • Session 2: Manufacturing (April 14)
  • Session 3: Assembly (April 21)
  • Session 4: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) (April 28)

A “Regional Capacity Building” network workshop will also be held in early May.

The MOD X EDU Northwest Offsite Network promises to “accelerate the knowledge and uptake of offsite construction in the Pacific Northwest housing industry” and is co-hosted by the Housing Development Consortium. Modular construction is transforming the construction industry, and builders are increasingly making use of the method’s flexibility in workspace and scheduling.

The goal of the MOD X network is to foster knowledge sharing and connections within the industrialized construction trades via lectures, workshops, and training sessions. Its founding partners are experienced in various aspects of offsite construction and consultation with interests in renewable energy and sustainable, high-performance buildings (interests 4EA shares).

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