4EA Building Science

Formerly JRS Engineering LLC

Building Science for Everything Around Your Building.

From assessment and design to testing and construction administration, 4EA Building Science helps deliver high-performance building enclosures for both new and existing buildings that offer our clients improved durability, efficiency, and value.

At 4EA Building Science, we work on projects of all types and sizes. Our diverse portfolio includes hands-on experience with a myriad of enclosure systems, materials, and building types. Please visit the 4EA Projects Gallery to learn more.

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Our Approach

Be Thoughtful • Find A Solution • Simplify it • Empower Others

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Formerly JRS Engineering LLC, 4EA has been at the forefront of providing quality, value-conscious building science solutions since 2005. We work with architects, owners, and contractors to deliver high-performance buildings that deliver improved durability, energy performance and value.

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